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Vase I 2023

Vase III 2023

This highly collected Polymer Clay artist is renown globally for what first appeared on the USA arts and crafts scene as Robert Shields Design,then Fimocreations and then finally under Jon's own name.These handmade, intricately detailed animals, made with a millefiore technique, have been acquired by collectors as diverse as US President Bill Clinton, Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese, and fans all over the world as quickly as Jon can make them. 

Commentary about the work of Jon Stuart Anderson

"Jon provides great joy to me and numerous others thru his amazing talent. 

Too often great artists aren’t fully recognized for their amazing talent and ability. 

I’ve never seen anyone come close to Jon’s amazing talent in this genre, which is amazing in itself! 

Jon puts them all to shame!!

Long Live The King!!!"  Steven M.

"Wow!!Just wow, this artist is amazing."L.Bowen 

"Your work is incredible. just love it! Actually, it was you who inspired me to start with polymer clay about 10 years ago."E.Tornstrom 

"I am so impressed by Jon's skill and attention to detail. Every piece in my collection is museum quality." R.Thompson

See how Jon Stuart Anderson hand-makes his unique art in this short  video. Click to Watch

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Jon Stuart Anderson Dermis Transfer Process

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